Andreas Boyer - Elizabeth

The records of the New Goshenhoppen Church (Lutheran, St. Paul's Six Corner), below Pennsburg, Pennsylvania show that Andreas Bayer was elected June 5, 1752, as Elder. From this fact we may judge that he was not a very young man. His first marriage was to Elizabeth, probably in 1752, and there was one son, Thomas. She must have died soon after Thomas was born. On Dec. 22, 1758, Andreas married Dorothy Gabel. Their children were John Peter, Andreas, George, Michael and perhaps others.

Thomas Boyer - Christina Wenig

Thomas Boyer the son of Andreas and Elizabeth was born Nov 7, 1753, was Lutheran. Thomas and Christina had 3 children: Eva, Maria and John Jacob.

John Jacob Boyer - Maria Magdalena Kline

John Jacob was born May 25, 1785 and died June 26, 1879 and is buried at the Sheetz Church, Spinnerstown, Pennsylvania. He was a Lutheran, Farmer and veterinary surgeon. He married Maria Magdalena Kline who was born Jan. 23, 1791 and they had eight children: Mary, Sarah, Lydia, Thomas, Thersea, Jacob, Benjamin K. and George.

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