The Basse Family belonged to the old generation which had an important influence on industry and history of Iserlohn. Many members of the family were mayor's, senator's and treasurer's etc. They were active not only in municipal but in church work as well. The gravestones in Iserlohn indicated their various activities and contributions during their lifetime. The individual gravestones were made while still alive (you can find also gravestones at the church in Unna and Dortmund {St. Peter}). In the first generation the ancestorial names were Evers or Eberhard. In the year 1643 John Everdt became a citizen of Wesel, in the 17th century you can find the name Evers also in Dortmund. In the course of the 18th century the double ancestorial name vanished and became a single name. Basse the origin of the family name is unknown, the family tree is only known until the 16th century in Iserlohn. During the 30 year war, many family municipal documents were destroyed by fire. The church documents of the Lutheran Church community only go back to the year 1668. there was and there still are people with the name Basse in Westphalia, Hannover in Mecklenburg, Schwerin in towns and villages.

Heinrich Evers/Eberhardi Basse - Catharina Westenbaum

Heinrich was a merchant and mayor of Iserlohn. He and Catharina had three children: Johann Evers, Johann Heinrich Evers and Melchior Evers/Eberhardi.

Melchior Evers/Eberhardi Basse - Margaretha Gertrud Cramer

Melchior was a merchant, (Kirchmeister and Rentmeister ?) of Iserlohn. He and Margaretha had ten children: Christoph Heinrich Melchior, Catharina Margaretha, Margarethe Gertrud, Johann Hermann, Anna Catharine Margaret Elisa, Diedrich Theodor Gerhard, Anna Margareth, Casper Hermann, Catharine Elisabeth and Rotgerus.

Johann Heinrich Evers Basse - Catharina Reinhold

Johann was a merchant, church leader and mayor of Iserlohn. He and Catharina had five children: Gerhard, Hermann Diedrich, Catharina, Johann Heinrich and Johann Reinhard.

Hermann Dierich Basse - Catharina Margaretha Helken

Hermann was a merchant and church leader in Iserlohn. He and Catharina had seven children: Hermann Diedrich, Arnold Gerhard, Casper Diedrich, Johann Rotger, Gerhard Johann Diedrich, Gerhard Johann Hermann and Johann Heinrich Reinhard.

Herman Diedrich Basse - Maria Catharina Margaretha Wieler

Hermann was a merchant in Iserlohn. He and Maria had ten children: Catharina Margarethe, Hermann Diedrich, Johann Paul Hermann Diedrich, Gerhard Caspar, Gerhard Caspar II, Catharina Elisabeth, Maria Catharina, Catharina Sophia, Catharina Gertrud and Johann Hermann. After Hermann`s death Maria married on 20 August 1760 to Johann Philipp Walther.

Gerhard Caspar Basse - Johanna Wilhelmine Margarethe Elisabeth Pollman

Gerhard "Ritter" was a Rentmeister and Eropacnter ?. He and Johanna had eleven children: Hermann Diedrich, Gerhard Caspar, Johann Wilhelm Arnold, Reinard Ferdinand Moritz, Carl Franz Friedrich, Isabella Christina Sophia Henrietta Wilhelmina Maria Catharina, Johanan Georg Wilhelm, Johann Caspar Arnold Heinrich Theodor, Amalie Helen Caroline, Johanna Dorothea Friederike and Helene Luise Maria Anna.

Ritter married a second time to Catharine Elisabeth Albaums. They had one child: Elisabeth Wilhelmine Therese.

Carl Franz Friedrich Basse - Agathe Elisabeth Charlotte Rohrschneider

Carl was a minister. Carl and Agathe had seven children: Eduard Wilhelm, Friedrich, Carl Wilhelm, Stephan Heinrich Wilhelm, Wilhelmine Christine Helene Alberine, Ludwig Stephan and Edward Peter.

Edward Peter Basse - Lydia Ann Trumbauer

Edward Peter Basse was born 14 June 1820 in Deilinghofen, Westphalia, Prussia, where he attended school until he was 15 years old. He intended to study for the ministry, but the death of his father caused him to turn his thoughts to another channel. When 13 years old he began to learn the trade of gold and silver smithing. He came to America, arriving in New York City in February 1855. He immediately went to Philadelphia, where he stayed a short time. He then moved to Stephenson County, Illinois where his older brother Louis, who had come to America earlier, was living. There he engaged in his trade, and part of his time at farming. In 1858 he came to Blackhawk County, Iowa and located in Barclay Township. He lived there until 1861 when he started for Colorado with an ox team, and eight dollars in his pocket to pay expenses, but returned with a couple of thousand dollars, a top carriage and two ponies. He lived in Central City, Colorado, pursing his business of jeweler. His establishment was known as the "Crystal Palace".

In 1865 he returned to Blackhawk County, Barclay township, Iowa. On September 16, 1865 in Waterloo, Iowa he married Lydia Ann Trumbauer, daughter of Peter and Mary (Boyer) Trumbauer of Barclay township. Eight of their children (Charlotte, Ida, Dora, Ella, Charles, Hattie, Frances and Lydia) were born in Jesup. Edward Peter was appointed postmaster of Barclay township in 1868. He was a Republician in politics and was township constable eight years, township collector one year and Road Supervisor one term. He was a member of No. 133, Jesup Lodge of I.O.O.F. and also a member of Blue Ribbon Temperance Reform Society of Barclay township.

In the fall of 1879 they moved to Beloit, Mitchell County, Kansas, and lived on a farm about eleven miles south of Beloit. They lived on the farm until 1889 when they moved into Beloit and operated "The Valley Hotel". Their last three children (Gertrude, Edward and infant son) were born in Beloit. Edward Peter had been ill for some time, but did not suspect any danger when on Monday night 25 January 1892 he took a drink of water and told his wife he would lie down on the bed for a while to rest. Nothing peculiar was noticed in his actions as he slowly reclined and apparently went to sleep. His wife noting the suddenness of the appearance of sleep tried to rouse him but he was dead. He is buried in Pleasant View Cemetry, Beloit, Kansas.

The birth year on his tombstone reads 1833, which is the year he told everyone including his wife he was born. In later years his wife stated she thought he was older than he said, he was by 13 years.

Since the death of her husband, Lydia lived mostly with her children. She made her last visit to Beloit in the summer of 1924. She then went to Lomita, California to stay with her daughter Lottie Smith where she died the 14th of March 1925. She is buried in the Pleasant View Cemetery, Beloit. She was a member of the Lutheran Church for 65 years.

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