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Mary Royale was born in Scotland, when 12 or 14 years of age, with many others, was forcibly taken, carried on board a ship and taken to Pennsylvania. There she was sold as a servant to Caleb Pusey and served her time out. When free, she married William Coles (Coale) and settled at Nottingham. As a widow she had two children minor children at the time of her second marriage, William (b 9 May 1705) and Mary Coale (b 4 May 1708). She married Jeremiah Brown 10 2 no 1711 in West Nottingham, Pennsylvania.

William Coale married Prudence Shaw 16 Apr 1730 at Londondale MM, Chester, Pennsylvania. Mary Coale married Jacob Haines 22 Apr 1725 at Nottingham, Chester, Pennsylvania. She had 8 children.

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