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William Large

William Large, the immigrant was in Hingham, Massachusetts, in 1635; removed with his wife to Cape Cod; thence to Long Island and from there to New Jersey, where it is supposed he died. Maiden name of his wife is unknown.

Joseph Large - Elizabeth

Joseph Large was the son of William Large, the immigrant. He was born at Hingham, Massachusetts. He died in Bristol township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, between 1706-1709. He married in 1673, in Amesbury, Massachusetts to Elizabeth, (surname unknown). Elizabeth died in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, in 1728.

He removed to Pennsylvania from Long Island before or aout 1690, probably about the time his father left Long Island for New Jersey. Joseph settled in Falls Township. In a deed dated 4-7-1687 from John Green and Thomas Green, his son, both of Bucks County, yeoman, for 100# paid, a tract of land in Buckingham Township to Joseph Large, weaver. His occupation is, also described as weaver in his will.

Joseph and Elizabeth had ten children: Joseph, John, Ebenezer, Mary, Samuel and Elizabeth (twins), Jacob, David, Henry and Jonathan.

Joseph Large - Deborah Dungan

Joseph Large was born in Amesbury, Massachusetts and moved to Buckingham Township Pennsylvania and was the ancestor of the Larges of that section. He and his wife Deborah Dungan Large had five children: Ruth, Joseph, Hannah, Elizabeth and Ebenezer.

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