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Simon Hadley I - Katherine Talbot

Simon Hadley I was a prosperous Dublin gentlemen. He owned an ironworks in Ballinakill, Kings County, Fisheries at Ballyscaddy, Dublin County, and other properties. In 1694, Simon I and his wife Katherine Talbot, and their adult children, including Simon II and his wife, embraced the individual-conscience-oriented religious, social, moral and political beliefs of the Society of Friends. They were the first English Hadleys in Ireland to do so. Simon I, born 1640 and thus deeply-rooted in Dublin by the time of his conversion to the Society of Friends 66 years later, died there in 1711.

Simon and Katherine had five children: Sollomon, Jane, Simon II, John and Elizabeth

Simon Hadley II - Bridget Foote

Simon Hadley, born 1736 in Pennsylvania was apparently Simon Hadley II's favorite grandchild for he inherited Messuage Plantation in 1756. But in 1762 along with his wife Bridget (Foote) and their children, Thomas, Ann and Patience joined the other Quaker Hadleys in North Carolina. Three more children were born in North Carolina; Margaret, Simon and Ruth. Joshua and Patience's children founded Hadley village in Chatham County, North Carolina; some also lived in Guilford and Orange County (now Alamance County).

Joshua L. Hadley - Patience Brown

Joshua Hadley married first to Mary Rowland, daughter of Thomas and Mary Mason (Richards) Rowland, of New Garden in 1725. Their children were Ruth, Sarah and Thomas. Mary died in 1733, and Joshua married in 1735 to Patience Brown, daughter of Jeremiah and Mary (Royal) Brown. They had nine children: Simon, Mary, Jeremiah, Joshua, Joseph, Deborah, Hannah, Catherine and Lydia.

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