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Thomas Brown - Ruth Large

Thomas Brown, age 15, of Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, England was indentured to Mr. Georg Battersly, 12 April 1706 for 7 years.

On the 6th of June 1723, Thomas attended the Buckingham Monthly Meeting of the Society of Friends (Quakers) requesting to join himself to that meeting. Then on the 3rd of July 1723, "Thomas Browns proposal of joyning himself to this Meeting having been taken into consideration & he haveing produced a recomendation in writing from under his master & mistress hands of his faithful servitude & frequenting friends Meeting whilst with them & also a paper of Recomendation from some persons belonging to Abington Meeting to the like purpose therefore this Meeting accepts as far as his life and conversation corresponds with the Truth he desires to join unto.."

On the 8th of August 1723. "At this Meeting Thomas Brown and Ruth Large declared their Intentions of marriage with each other it being the first time..." (a committee was appointed to make sure that neither one was involved with anyone else. This committee reported at the Monthly Meeting held ye 5th of ye 9th Mo 1723. On ye 3rd of ye 10th mo 1723 the committee appointed to attend the marriage reported that it had taken place, but the exact date was not mentioned.)

On 2 Jan 1741 Thomas Brown requested certificates for himself, wife and children, except his eldest daughter to go the monthly meeting at Hopewell in Orange Co., Virginia in order to remove there. On Feb 6th a a favorable report was read and on March 4th a certificate was produced.

On 20 October 1742, Thomas had 802 acres on the west side of Sherando River. In 1743 600 acres that lay upon the "drains of Middle Creek, and in the possession of Thomas Brown was surveyed for George Hobson Jr.

On December 30, 1749 Thomas Brown wrote a will. His will was probated the 8th May 1750 in Frederick County, Virginia.

Thomas and Ruth had 9 children: Sarah, William, Thomas, Samuel, Deborah, Frances, Ruth, Elizabeth and Joseph.

In about 1753, Ruth and most of her children went to Guilford County, North Carolina. They are found in the Cane Creek and New Garden Monthly Meetings of the Quakers. Ruth died the 22 of May 1763 and is buried in the New Garden Graveyard in North Carolina.

Thomas Brown - Margaret Moon

Thomas was born in Bucks County, Pennsylania and Margaret in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Thomas and Margaret married the 10th of June 1748 at Hopewell Monthly Meeting, where they declared marriage intentions.

In 1749 Thomas Sr. bequeathed Thomas 200 acres of his present plantation lying and adjoing upon Simon Moons survey (father-in-law), and twenty shillings currancy. Thomas was joint executor of his fathers will along with his mother Ruth and brother Samuel.

Thomas and Margaret had ten children, all recorded in the New Garden Monthly Meeting: Joseph, William, Thomas, Jacob, Samuel, Richard, Ruth, Moses, Rachel and Jean.

In 1788 Thomas was appointed overseer of the road from the Court House to the Middle of Horsepen Creek and that he with hands of others keep the same in good repair agreeable to law. On January 9, 1790 he was deeded 100 acres by Horsepen Creek, and on April 6 1790 deeded the same land to John Hamilton. On 7 November 1791 he was deeded 200 acres on south side of Buffalo. On 15 March 1796 he deeded land on South Side of Mavis Fork of the Haw River to James Thorp. On 15 March 1796 he deeded land on which he lived on waters of Deep River to Amos Kersey. Then on 3 October 1797 he deeded 100 acres and 75 perches lying on waters of Maris Fork, Rootbridge Branch to John Laurence.

Thomas and Margaret both died in North Carolina, exact dates are unknown.

Jacob Brown - Mary Armfield

Jacob was born in North Carolina, his birth recorded in the New Garden Monthly Meeting of Guilford County, North Carolina. Mary was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. They were married November 11, 1776. On the 30th of November 1776 he was disowned by Quakers for marrying out of unity.

At the Monthly Meeting held at New Garden the 30th of November 1776...New Garden Preparative Meeting complains of Jacob Brown taking up Arms in a warlike manner and accomplishing his marriage contrary to the rule of Friends. This meeting appoints Eleazer Hunt and John Unthank to visit him, and labour with him in love and meekness in order to bring him to a true sight of his misconduct; but if they find him not in a suitable situation to condemn the same, they are to prepare a paper of denial against him and produce it to next meeting. At the Monthly Meeting held at New Garden the 28th of Dec 1776.. The Friends appointed last meeting to visit Jacob Brown report they had an opportunity with him, but he not appearing in a suitable condition to condemn his misconduct, they produced a paper of denial against him, which was read, approved and signed. On the 26th of Jan 1782.. Jacob Brown appeared at the Monthly Meeting and offered a paper condemning his outgoings, and also for taking up arms in a war like manner, which was accepted. On 27 April 1782 produced a paper which was read, approved and signed.

In 1785 Mary and her children Jane, Moses, Thomas and William joined at the Cane Creek Monthly Meeting. Jacob was listed in Surry County in 1786 and 1790 and as one of the original member of the Deep Creek Monthly Meeting in 1793. In 1796 he bought 200 acres of land on the waters of North Deep Creek and 120 acres on Forbrush Creek in 1801. In 1802 he sold the land on Forbush Creek and in 1803 bought 50 acres of land on the waters of North Fork of Deep Creek and on 6 Dec 1808 sold Moses Brown nine acres of this land. In 1812 he sold all of his land on North Fork of Deep Creek.

On 4 February 1815 Jacob and wife Mary and children Mary, Isaac, Margaret and Jonathan were received at Elk Creek MM, Preble County Ohio from Deep Creek MM North Carolina. On 21 June 1819 Jacob bought land in Sec. 8 Twp 6 Range 2 in Somers Township, Preble County, Ohio. On 26 Feb 1820 he deeded this land to Jacob Jr. and Isaac Brown.

In 1826 he moved in with his son Solomon in Ohio and in 1827 Received a certificate from Westfield MM (set-off) from Elk MM in 1821, Preble County, Ohio to Springfield MM, Wayne Co., Indiana. He was residing in Henry County, Indiana. In 1827/8 Mary died of consumption and in 1830 he was living in Henry County Indiana with his son Solomon. Jacob died 9 June 1831 from a kick from a horse. Jacob and Mary are both buried in Flat Rock Cemetery, Henry County, Indiana.

Jacob and Mary had 12 children: Jane, Moses, Thomas, William, Jacob, Ann, Mary, Rachel, Solomon, Isaac, Margaret and Jonathan A.

Moses Brown - Elizabeth Hadley

Moses was born in Guilford County, North Carolina In between 1785-1800 the family is found in minutes of Monthly Meetings at Cane Creek, Orange (now Alamance) County, Deep River, Guilford County and Deep Creek, Surry (now Yadkin) County, North Carolina. However, Deep River MM was set off from Cane Creek and Deep Creek from Deep River MM so the family could have lived in the same place and still have been in the minutes of each Monthly Meeting.

Marriage bond was posted in Surry County, North Carolina on 28 December 1797 for Hannah Carter and Moses Brown. On 5 January 1799, Deep Creek MM the preparative Meeting complains against Moses Brown for going out in marriage for which this meeting disowns him from being a member of our Society until he condemns the same to the satisfaction of Friends. Hannah died before 4 April 1802.

On 12 March 1804 he purchased 100 acres of land on branch of Forbess in Surry Co., N.C. On 24 May 1806 marriage bond was posted in Surry Co., North Carolina for Elizabeth Hadley and Moses Brown. Then on 6 December 1808 he purchased 9 acres of land on waters of North Fork of Deep Creek in Surry Co., North Carolina from Jacob Brown.

In 1812 he is listed as Captain Moses Brown on tax list, owned 109 1/2 acres of land. On 22 November 1814 he purchased 80 acres of land on waters of North Fork of Deep Creek and on 26 February 1816 entered a land grant for 75 acres on the waters of Deep Creek. On February 10, 1817 sold 7 acres on North Fork of Deep Creek to John Bond and purchased from him 60 acres. On 28 Janaury 1818 he sold 354 acres on waters of Forbushes Creek and on waters of North Deep Creek. By 1820 he is found in Somers Township, Preble County, Ohio. On 27 August 1823, sold Surry County North Carolina land. This land was willed to Elizabeth by her father Thomas Hadley. Residence listed as Henry County, Indiana.

On 3 March 1827, Deep Creek MM, North Carolina received a few lines from Wayne MM Indiana desiring approbation in receiving Moses Brown into membership with them. By 21 July 1827 he was received by request. On 16 June 1827, Moses was reported for failing to have his wife's signature affixed to title of a piece of land by Deep Creek MM, N.C. In 1828 he was reported for drinking by West River Preparative Meeting.

On 7th January 1830, Moses Brown, Esq. undertook the re-construction of the jail in Henry county, Indiana for the sum of $97.50, which was certainly cheap enough even in those days. In 1831 he was reported for drinking by Flat Rock Preparative Meeting and in 1833 disowned for being intoxicated and denying.

In 1838/9 they migrated to Missouri. Family tradition says that twenty-one wagons, all related, went to Missouri. They settled in northern Daviess County and southern Harrison County. (Grand River and Sugar Creek Townships on the Bancroft Praires)   Nine of his ten children (all except Rachel) and their families were in the wagon train.

Moses and Hannah Carter had two children: Rachel and Isaac. Moses and Elizabeth had 8 children: Joshua Hadley, Jacob A., Hadley, Sarah, Thomas Hadley, Moses, Daniel and Eunice.

Moses died 15 Dec 1843 and Elizabeth died 9 Sep 1846 and both are buried in Mitchell Cemetery, Harrison County, Missouri.

Joshua Hadley Brown - Sarah Ann Welker

Joshua was born in Surry County, North Carolina and Sarah in Rowan County, North Carolina. They were married in Henry county, Indiana. Their first six children were born in Indiana: Mahalia, John Adam, Noah, Moses G., Eunice Lucinda and Sarah Jane. They moved to Daviess County, Missouri in 1838/9 in a wagon train with his brothers, father and uncles families.

The last five children were born in Missouri: Mary Ann, Hannah Elizabeth, Joshua Hadley, James M. and Daniel.
Sarah died 21 Jan 1856 and Joshua died 2 September 1871 and was buried in Old Pilot Grove Cemetery, Daviess County, Missouri.

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